"It’s been a long arduous road traveled to get to that sweet spot where Christ is more centered in my own life, where I seek God’s Will and presence above everything. Where I understand if I get judged, since I shared, it says more about them than it does about me." ​​​

McMorlan, K. (2018) "TREASURES in The Trash
About Kristy's McMorlan
​Kristy struggled with complex trauma amnesia (C-PTSD) and unmet dependency needs for more than forty years before she discovered she had it, its origin, and overcoming it.

She grew up in a small farming community in an agricultural valley. Her dad owned forty acres he farmed after coming home from his first job, which supported the family. Her mother only worked outside of the home occasionally.

Kristy is the third and last child of her immediate family, having an older brother and sister. She also was the third generation living in their community, after her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother was considered the town's tavern fool , and she believes both of her parents were mutual alcoholics ; they were:  codependent .

After a long arduous journey of piecing her childhood memories together, she believes her father struggled with undiagnosed depression . She also concluded her mother struggled with Bi-Polar Disorder , which eventually progressed into a more serious mental illness , possibly schizophrenia . Her mother may have also struggled with a form of: DPD . Her mother had several psychosis events, when Kristy was a child. With her dad never revealing the specifics of her mother’s diagnosis, Kristy can only describe what she witnessed as a young child. 

Kristy has been married to her husband for over forty years. Together they have three grown children, their spouses, two grandchildren, and two four-legged children. Kristy and her husband have found many ways to enjoy life together; frequently traveling on their motorcycle and sharing adventures. They both love photography, hiking, camping, and rock hounding. Kristy also does acrylic painting, and gardening in her spare time.​​

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

Jean De La Fontaine
Fables Book VIII (1678–1679), Fable 16 (1621-1695)

Kristy's tagline: “Fear can conquer you or you can conquer fear” has helped her become an over-comer and publish her book. She's been an extra in a big screen movie. Hiked to the top of South Sister in central Oregon, a difficult 10,358-foot mountain, Mt Lassen a 10,457-foot mountain in California, and Black Crater a 7,251-foot VERY difficult hike in central Oregon. Rode in a hot air balloon, and white water rafted when she hates heights and being immersed; the raft flipped. Deep-sea fished on a Dory launch from Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, and rented pontoon boats for both Lake Murray S.C. and Detroit Lake, Oregon, even though she doesn't know how to swim. Led a ministry, taught multiple Bible Studies, and became a T.E.A.M. leader in a local Celebrate Recovery Program.

I believe a person can be born with talents, while God grants us gifts. God equips us for a task of His purpose, through His Spiritual Gifts.

I accept as true: My talent was something I was born with and was possibly used as a coping mechanism, during some of the more horrific hardships.

I think “gifts” and “talents” can be further developed and used positively, if we choose to.

-Kristy McMorlan

Kristy McMorlan's
Acomplishments and Interests
When Kristy's husband approached her to write her story she laughed, hurting his feelings I’m sure. He assured Kristy he was very serious! She learned her husband is her biggest fan. It was unkind when Kristy's School Teacher told her she was going to give Kristy a passing grade in English; she wouldn’t be forced to have Kristy return to her classroom. Kristy believed she’d done better than she previously thought, until Kristy received her grade. The D minus gave her clarity into what her words meant. Kristy's experience gives credibility into one of her personal philosophies: " God is more than able and oftentimes chooses the lesser people to do the greater work, to prove it was God’s work, not any man’s.
Years ago, Kristy's husband surprised her at Christmas with a camera, she thought he'd wasted their money! He patiently encouraged her, while she learned all the technical aspects, and nature photography  has become  passion of hers that they both enjoy. 
Staying active in the church, and after raising her own children, Kristy taught multiple diverse Women’s Bible Studies . Eventually she became an overseer / coordinator of the Ministry of Prayer for five years. Kristy and her husband became involved and attended a local Celebrate Recovery program for five years, joining at the same time and becoming part of the Leadership T.E.A.M . Presently Kristy and her husband do not serve within a Celebrate Recovery program. However, Kristy wanted to continue her joy of service, and currently serves on the Leadership Board within their present Church.


Kristy's mother painted, and now she does too. Kristy frequently paints upside down, for the intricate work. She states, " When I view the lines as angles and formations I’m able to complete the painting. " She says this method takes away the normal formation, making it easier for her to concentrate on the lines. Kristy knows she does her painting differently than others that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just different. In Kristy's perspective being or doing something differently, occasionally, has its benefits .

Sometimes, through the lack of others physical presence, I've silently wondered if I was like-able?

While seeking my answer, I've realized I simply view life from a different lens; my formative years were spent catering to my parents' addictions.

My hard-earned perceptions, from a childhood tainted with trauma, doesn’t mean I’m always wrong. Just different.

I’ve discovered what you tell yourself, as the result of abuse, is usually a lot worse than the truth.
- Kristy McMorlan