​​"A problem cannot be solved without understanding it."

​-McMorlan, K. (2018) "TREASURES In The Trash"
Can Mental Illness and Organized Religion coexist?

Kristy believes it can, with education and a willingness.

Although, religious societies appear to have a harder time realizing that Mental Illness is a valid medical diagnosis.

People oftentimes fear what they don’t understand.

Let's end the unconscious judgement that encourages the stigma. 

Mental Illness has three possible activators:  

  • Organic:   
  • Trauma:   
  • Spiritual:   

All can leave a person with counterfeit thinking.

Which uneducated people oftentimes lump into one category and label it with an Unwanted Stigma. ​​ ​​


Kristy’s overwhelming grief, after being shattered through her Church Community, needed to find a healthy outlet and photography became a source of healing
“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

-Jean De La Fontaine
Fables Book VIII (1678–1679), Fable 16 (1621-1695)

Kristy courageously shares her mother's journey into Schizophrenia  and writes a tribute to her mother, as an aid in removing the stigma surrounding Mental Health struggles.

Kristy links her own story of overcoming psychological trauma; a childhood damaged by lies, secrets, and scandal.

These were the predecessor to Kristy's ​ Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder : C-PTSD. 

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies Inside of you.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
​(1803 - 1882) 

Let's Get Acquainted 
Social media has its blessings and curses.

A quick text, FB post, Tweet , or Email keeps us connected to others, but gone is eye contact, reading of body language, and personal interaction; such as a hug.

People can send an emoji along with their correspondence, to convey a feeling or even soften their words. 

But, gone is the relational connective aspect many of us desire in our own life.

Our life is made easier to find new people and keep connected with the old; nevertheless, in many ways disconnected. 

There's a whole lot more to Kristy McMorlan than what she conveys through Social Media.
Trauma Can Happen
Within Religious Organizations

Kristy found herself in a "Church Hurt", which left her broken by the very place that should have shown  Grace; instead, she was victimized once again. ​

Kristy was content living her life quietly, full of acquiescent behavior.

Yet, she didn't think the traumatic recessed memories , from her childhood, should have reemerged through the unkindness displayed within her former Religious Community.
It's time to eradicate the shame frequently associated with Mental Health struggles!