Kristy McMorlan 
Helping To Remove Shame.
Kristy McMorlan 
needed to find a healthy alternative, and Nature Photography became a source of healing. 
Nature Photographer
Finding Healthy Coping
“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

-Jean De La Fontaine
Fables Book VIII (1678–1679), Fable 16 (1621-1695)
Outdoor Excursionist
"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies Inside of you.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
​(1803 - 1882) 
Trauma Happens
Heartache Within Relationships
 Kristy was frequently judged through her deceased mother's Mental Health struggles; her mom passed away over thirty-five-years ago.

What had happened, through her dad's self-serving actions, had held her hostage for far too long! 

​Kristy McMorlan doesn't believe unkindness is acceptable, within any sistuation. Our traumatic memories, from damaging childhoods, shouldn't reemerged through false blame and the misdirection of others.

Eventually, she found herself in a " Church Hurt". Which left her broken by the very instatution which should have shown  Grace . People oftentimes fear what they don’t understand.​
A Problem Cannot Be Solved Without Understanding It.
Mental Health struggles have three possible activators:   

A Hereditary Predisposition.
A Shock With Sudden Emotional Stress.
Mindset, Method, Assumption or Personal Philosophy.

All three of these activators can leave a person with counterfeit thinking.

Kristy discovered her own truth, and which categorization her mother, father, and even herself belongs in.

Repurpose and Find Freedom

Kristy's Mcmorlan's childhood was damaged by lies, secrets, and scandal. 

She courageously shares her mother's journey into Schizophrenia ,  and writes a tribute to her mother, a s an aid in removing the stigma surrounding Mental Health struggles .

 Kristy also recounts overcoming her own psychological trauma developed through her dad, not her mother.

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