The Treasure Trunk's Story ​

Several years ago, Kristy's phone rang; the woman on the line started to ask her questions concerning who she was related to.

Kristy was apprehensive where this conversation was going; her dad’s physiological training about who Kristy belonged to had to be tampered down during this exchange.

She was relieved when the woman on the phone finally explained she had Kristy's great-grandfather’s trunk and was looking for the rightful owners.

Kristy didn’t even know of the trunk’s existence until she received that phone call. 

Kristy's dad’s grandfather was disowned by an affluent family, because the story she had heard through her dad was: "Her great-grandfather remained the unwanted bastard child of a prominent family. "

Kristy's dad’s great-grandfather was a fifteen-year-old boy from a prosperous family, while his great-grandmother was the family’s maid.


This previously unknown trunk presented her with photos of a man who crossed the ocean to start a new life. He did so through what Kristy can only assume was a challenging and audacious sea voyage, during the 18th century.

Kristy was told by her dad, her great-grandfather looked just like his biological father; there was no denying his parentage.

Whereas Kristy can only suspect there was much shame and disgrace surrounding her great-grandfather’s birth.

She was told when her great-grandfather arrived in America, he tenaciously declared the family name of his biological father as his own.

She now knows where her obstinate personality comes from!

Kristy is certain this story had been handed down throughout the generations; she is the fourth generation. 

Kristy gained a sense of personal identity and improved self-esteem. 

Kristy discovered, through the family Bible, which was stored in the trunk, her great-grandparents had seven children who lived to be adults, and a few who didn’t.

Kristy realized her family wasn’t orphaned, as she was led to believe through her dad's guidance.

She also reasoned family must have been important to her great-grandfather, since there’s so many photos of the family. Photos which had been stored in this old trunk, and she's only now seeing.

That concept, about family being important, was a contradictory to Kristy's dad's apparent core beliefs concerning family since she was kept hidden away from family.

All those photos, inside this trunk, present people as having had money, resources, and assets; and she gained a personal sense of belonging. 

Kristy finally found her inner voice, which had been attempting to surface, and be discovered in a positive manor.

She found the strength to overcome her emotional abuse, resulting in her  C-PTSD.

Previously Kristy had struggled with thinking errors, because she was neglected and abused in her childhood; she had believed her biological family was orphaned, which she now knows is untrue.

Even though faded, after over one hundred and thirty plus years, Kristy can clearly see her great-grandfather's name, and therefore Kristy's maiden name, is inscribed with paint on this old trunk.

This trunk carries much significance to Kristy!

It's her "treasure" because it’s full of prized family photos; it gives Kristy a sense of birthright or citizenship. 

Through no work of Kristy's, her paternal great-grandfather’s trunk now sits in her living room; Kristy's dad’s dad, and his dad’s trunk. 

It’s also amazing to Kristy how this 30” x 16” x 19” trunk carried all of Kristy's great-grandfather’s belongings over the ocean to start his, per say, revival.

Whatever would she have chosen?!​

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